About Me

Localization – a small detail that may come at a great cost
This is why I deem it a part of my task. I will do whatever is necessary.

To make your translation look good:

  • Correct use of quotation marks, dashes and hyphens, as well as other rules of the translation language

To prevent your text from confusing your customers:

  • Correct use of decimal and thousand separators
  • Warn you if your master contract for the Czech market e.g. applies the Polish currency, or refers to Hungarian authorities.
  • Ask you for instructions if your technical docs use inches, mph or horse power or similar units unusual on the Czech market.
    You do not need to know what to do. I will advise you about the usage options, you’ll just make your choice.

How have I mastered that?

  • 19 years full-time in the translation business
  • 2 million of words translated
  • Master’s in English philology, continuous education

Let me know what you need